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Community Advisory Committee Member

The Ballarat Cemeteries Community Advisory Committee provides advice and guidance to The Trust to assist in carrying out its community engagement responsibilities, as well as its statutory requirements as stipulated in the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2003.

The Committee’s objectives are;

  • To ensure that community and client views are considered in the planning and delivery of Cemetery services.
  • To provide advice in relation to the integration of client and community views at all levels of Cemetery Trust operations, planning and policy development.

Specific Duties of the Committee:

  • Advise the Ballarat Cemeteries on strategies to enhance and promote effective client and community engagement, assisting the Ballarat Cemetery Trust to carry out its responsibilities and commitments as they relate to client and community engagement and its impact on service outcomes.
  • Advise the Ballarat Cemeteries on behalf of clients and the community and advise the Ballarat Cemeteries on priority areas and issues requiring client and community input and involvement.
  • In consultation with the Ballarat Cemeteries, develop a Community Engagement Plan for consideration by The Trust and monitor implementation and effectiveness of the approved plan.
  • Monitor the implementation of Ballarat Cemeteries Strategic Plan as it relates to client engagement.

Ballarat Cemeteries mission  :  Remembering the past, Caring for the present, Planning for the future.

The organisation: Ballarat General Cemeteries Trust is a State Government Agency which is a self-funded and not for profit organisation.  With a proud history and a well-planned future, Ballarat Cemeteries, comprising the Old Ballarat Cemetery, and the New Ballarat Cemetery, is a tranquil and beautifully maintained, essential community asset. As one of only two Botanical Cemeteries in Victoria, the New Ballarat Cemetery covers 55 hectares and includes 63,000 square meters of lawns, over 6,500 trees and roses and peaceful open parkland.

Ballarat Cemeteries is seeking community members with skills / knowledge in one or more of the following –

  • Reflect the needs and interests of a broad range of people and communities, e.g. culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, religious groups.
  • Are representative or knowledgeable in heritage/historical, cultural, religious or environmental matters.
  • Can articulate the potential issues that confront families utilising Cemetery Services and work collaboratively with other CAC members.

Ballarat Cemeteries are committed to providing quality and accessible cemetery and crematoria services to our community.

All appointments made by Ballarat Cemeteries are for up to three years with options for further terms. The committee has identified a number of projects it will undertake, these relate to establishment of various tours, events and ceremonies.  The Board and cemetery staff highly value the advice and assistance received from the CAC and its members. These are voluntary positions.

Please note: Government guidelines states that preference to members who are not funeral directors, stonemasons registered cemetery providers or directly involved in the provision of cemetery sector services.

When placing an application please include a short summary identifying the skills and experience you would bring to the role along with your resume/bio.

Further Documents – Community Advisory Committee Terms of Reference
                                    Department of Health and Human Services CAC Guidelines

Applications received at any time  

For further information, please contact Annie De Jong, Chief Executive Officer, on Ph 03 5332 1469 or annie@ballaratcemeteries.com.au

Applications  should be addressed to:
Ms Annie DeJong
Chief Executive Officer Ballarat Cemeteries
1250 Doveton St Nth.
Ballarat 3350
or emailed to annie@ballaratcemeteries.com.au
Application for Community Advisory Committee are to be marked Confidential.


  • No positions are currently available.  


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