Memorialisation of Ashes

With fragrant roses, stately trees, tranquil native bushland and water features here is a beautiful memorial landscape at its most evocative. The manner in which a person is memorialised is of profound significance. If you are selecting a memorial site for a loved one, your choice can reflect the life they lived, and how you remember them. This way, the emotional legacy of your loved one is sustained for generations to come.

If you are considering your own final wishes, choosing your memorial place ahead of time provides comfort in knowing the location will uniquely reflect you and your life. It is also a thoughtful way of providing a focal point for family and loved ones to gather and share precious memories in the years to come.

Contemplation Garden
Babies Garden and Tree of Memories
Birch Forest
Birdsong Walk
Poet’s Walk
Memorial Shrubs and Trees
Tanderra Memorial Gardens & Fountain Gardens
Individual Roses
Perimeter Garden Bed Memorials

Memorials are offered in perpetuity, alternatively, you may elect to have a limited tenure of 25 years. Perpetual memorials allow families the comfort of knowing that their loved one’s memorial is etched in history for future generations at no further cost. Existing memorials with a limited tenure may be converted to perpetual at any time.

Ballarat New Cemetery provides a variety of places designed to meet individual wishes. Among them are beautiful landscaped gardens, individual roses, trees and boulders; tranquil native settings and traditional wall niches. Our friendly professional staff are available at all times to help you select the perfect place to remember and be remembered.

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